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Commercial  &  Residential  Window Treatments

At SRQ Blinds & Drapes we are now manufacturing our own roller shades and Drapes : manual and motorized, which means , quality at affordable prices. 

From offices, retail stores ,  restaurants , hotels to new homes/ new condos and  more.

 SRQ Blinds & Drapes can provide the best products at the lowest prices in the market 

 Blinds  –  Roller shades  –  Cell Shades. –  Shutters. –  Shadings. –  drapes and more;  

Manual  and motorized.

Some of the most challenging window treatments to find are those for commercial projects which require a substantial quantity of blinds or shades. But now SRQ Blinds& Drapes has made this process possible and very affordable. 

If you are looking for commercial  window  treatments for any of your projects, please contact us.  We want to make sure you are getting the best window treatments at thelowest prices.

Commercial shades like solar shades are an ideal window covering choice for commercial situations, providing durability, energy-efficiency, in addition to UV control. 

Commercial window treatments as a whole are very durable and built to last and remain hassle-free. Whether you require environmentally friendly, fire-retardant window treatments, energy-efficient window coverings or require child-safe window blinds, the perfect solutions are readily available. At SRQ Blinds & Drapes, we also offer commercial motorized roller shades, commercial motorized vertical blinds, and more.

If you own a business or know of someone who does and may be in need of commercial  window treatments: